It’s not been easy living three months without s3x- Actress Blessing Ofoegbu

Popular Nollywood actress, Blessing Ofoegbu, has complained bitterly about the lack of S3x she’s been forced to endure due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recent interview with Inside Nollywood, she revealed that it has been three months since she last had intimate affairs with her lover.

She wrote;

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“COVID-19 era is such a trying moment for all of us. This is a time for everyone to reflect and sober up on the true meaning of life. I had the quietest time of my life in the last three months.

We all need each other to survive. I miss life in its state of normalcy. It gets so uncomfortable staying indoors without any outside relationship. It’s more like being held up in a cell.

For once, in my life, I understood what being a prisoner looks like. I missed my lover and loved ones. I have to be honest; I miss s*x a lot. But because of social distancing, I have to be on isolation mood. It has not been easy.”

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