“Husband invest in your wife, make her as beautiful as what you want so you won’t be tempted to eat outside” – Reno Omokri

Nigerian lawyer, former aide to president Goodluck Jonathan and author Reno Omokri, has written an open letter to cheating husbands, who use their wives look and appearance as an excuse to cheat.

He wrote;


“Dear husband,

Go home and invest in your wife to make her as beautiful as what you saw, so you won’t be tempted to eat outside.

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Invest in her hair, clothes, make- up. Make what you have at home as good or better than what you want outside.

Rather than complain about your wives look and say she was not like this before you married her, get her gym membership.

Give her money to shop for clothes, lavish her with facials and the soft touch.

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The more you spend on soup, the more delicious it will be.”

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