Crystal Palace winger, Wilfried Zaha admits black footballers are becoming scared to use social media because of ra.cist abuse

Crystal Palace and Ivorian winger, Wilfried Zaha, has said because of the increasing rate of abuse, black footballers are becoming scared to use social media.


Earlier this month, the Ivory Coast international was sent sickening ra.cist messages, which resulted in a 12-year-old boy being arrested in connection with the incident.

Winifried Zaha

Speaking in a new interview with CNN, the 27-year-old revealed he has created a platform to help fight off ra.cist abuse, but says blacks footballers don’t fancy being on social media anymore.

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He also went on to disclose that he’s no longer on Twitter because of sickening abuse from rac.ists.


Zaha said: “I’ve had rac.ial abuse all my life but it’s a thing where for right now, I’ve got a platform where I feel like if I can make a change, I’ll try.” 


“For black footballers for instance, being on Instagram is not even fun anymore. You’re not enjoying your profile because every time I’m scared to even look up my direct messages anymore because it could be filled with anything.


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“I don’t even have Twitter on my phone anymore, because it’s almost certain that you’re going to get some sort of abuse.”


He added: “I reported 50 accounts… and I got racially abused after the stuff that I got before, and it’s like what happens after that account gets blocked?


“Then they just make a new one straight after. I feel like with everything that we do in life, with everything we register to, we have to give some sort of ID, so why is it not the same with Instagram? Why is it not the same with Twitter?”

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