My relationship is boring because my boyfriend doesn’t cheat on me — Lady laments

An anonymous lady is bitterly complaining about the kind of man she is presently in relationship with.

Instagram love doctor, Joro Olumofin, posted her story of his page.

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The lady said, she is in a boring relationship because her man doesn’t cheat and feels no girl wants him.

She revealed that she is worried that he is not special that’s why he doesn’t have side chicks or any case of drama that results from catching him cheating on her.

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She stated that she wants a man that all girls want, the one that will cheat on her and girls will be dragging him with her.

She concluded that her boyfriend behaves like a pastor and a father.


Hi Joro,

Good evening. Today Sunday l am in bf place. Our relationship just boring. No drama at all. He does not even have other girls calling his phone. Sometimes I feel l am not lucky. If I had a special man, plenty girls will be on his case calling him and wanting to be his side chick But no girl wants him. So if no girls wants him ? Why should I want him? I want a guy that girls will be fighting for themselves for He is too boring. All we do is watch tv, buy ice cream and sleep. Which kind boring bf – gf life be that? I wish a girl will call me and say my bf shifted her womb and did her Yoruba demon stuffs. This one has no demon blood in him. He is just like his father pastor Mumu good man.

Am angry Joro

See screenshots of her story 


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