My Boyfriend Proposed To Me But He’s Broke and Doesn’t Have a Car, Should I Tell Him To Propose Again When He Has Money — Lady cries out for advice

A distressed lady has sought advice from the general public on the next line of action to take after her boyfriend Proposed to her after two years of dating.

According to her he’s so broke and earns 40k which she thinks wouldn’t be enough for them to live as a couple and she needs an advice on what to do.

Read her story below;

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Good evening Joro, Please keep me anonymous if you post and reply please. Have been dating my bf for 2 years now. He proposed last week but he’s broke. He doesn’t have a car, he collects N40,000 per month. He expects me to move in with him and his roommates. My own salary is N50,000 but I am taking care of my family.

salary is N50,000 but I am taking care of my family.

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I am thinking does God want me to marry a broke man? Does he have a bigger plan for me?

Is my own husband still waiting for me in front ? Because this is not how I want to leave my life. I am saving for my MBA next year. Joro My fear is that if I return his ring I may not marry again. I’m 28 years and it’s hard to meet men this corona era. Or should I tell him to propose again when he has money ?

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